a United States term for Blacks that is now considered offensive
Syn: ↑colored person
Usage Domain: ↑archaism, ↑archaicism
Hypernyms: ↑Black, ↑Black person, ↑blackamoor, ↑Negro, ↑Negroid
1. having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination (Freq. 13)

colored crepe paper


the film was in color


amber-colored heads of grain

Syn: ↑coloured, ↑colorful
Ant: ↑uncolored
Similar to:
crimson, ↑red, ↑reddened, ↑red-faced, ↑flushed, ↑bay, ↑bicolor, ↑bicolour, ↑bicolored, ↑bicoloured, ↑bichrome, ↑dichromatic, ↑black, ↑blackened, ↑blue-flowered, ↑brightly-colored, ↑brightly-coloured, ↑buff-colored, ↑buff-coloured, ↑chestnut-colored, ↑chestnut-coloured, ↑chocolate-colored, ↑chocolate-coloured, ↑cinnamon colored, ↑cinnamon coloured, ↑cinnamon-colored, ↑cinnamon-coloured, ↑cinnamon-red, ↑cream-colored, ↑creamy-colored, ↑creamy-white, ↑dark-colored, ↑dark-coloured, ↑dusky-colored, ↑dusky-coloured, ↑dun-colored, ↑dun-coloured, ↑fawn-colored, ↑fawn-coloured, ↑flame-colored, ↑flame-coloured, ↑flesh-colored, ↑flesh-coloured, ↑garnet-colored, ↑garnet-coloured, ↑ginger, ↑gingery, ↑gold-colored, ↑gold-coloured, ↑honey-colored, ↑honey-coloured, ↑indigo, ↑lead-colored, ↑lead-coloured, ↑liver-colored, ↑liver, ↑metal-colored, ↑metal-coloured, ↑metallic-colored, ↑metallic-coloured, ↑monochromatic, ↑monochrome, ↑monochromic, ↑monochromous, ↑motley, ↑calico, ↑multicolor, ↑multi-color, ↑multicolour, ↑multi-colour, ↑multicolored, ↑multi-colored, ↑multicoloured, ↑multi-coloured, ↑painted, ↑particolored, ↑particoloured, ↑piebald, ↑pied, ↑varicolored, ↑varicoloured, ↑neutral-colored, ↑neutral-coloured, ↑olive-colored, ↑olive-coloured, ↑orange-colored, ↑orange-coloured, ↑orange-hued, ↑orange-flowered, ↑pale-colored, ↑pale-hued, ↑pastel-colored, ↑peach-colored, ↑polychromatic, ↑polychrome, ↑polychromic, ↑purple-flowered, ↑red-flowered, ↑roan, ↑rose-colored, ↑rosy-colored, ↑rust-colored, ↑silver-colored, ↑straw-colored, ↑straw-coloured, ↑tawny-colored, ↑tawny-coloured, ↑trichromatic, ↑trichrome, ↑tricolor, ↑violet-colored, ↑violet-coloured, ↑violet-flowered, ↑violet-purple
Attrubites: ↑color, ↑colour, ↑coloring, ↑colouring
2. having skin rich in melanin pigments (Freq. 12)

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


dark-skinned peoples

Syn: ↑coloured, ↑dark, ↑dark-skinned, ↑non-white
Similar to: ↑black
Derivationally related forms: ↑darkness (for: ↑dark)
3. (used of color) artificially produced; not natural

a bleached blonde

Syn: ↑bleached, ↑coloured, ↑dyed
Similar to: ↑artificial, ↑unreal
4. favoring one person or side over another

a biased account of the trial


a decision that was partial to the defendant

Syn: ↑biased, ↑coloured, ↑one-sided, ↑slanted
Similar to: ↑partial

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